Medallion Signatures And Their History

For over a hundred years, the signature guarantee has been relied on as a process. Businesses with North American bonds, along with Canadian and US transfer agents (equal to share registrars in the UK) have been using them for a long time. To guarantee their status, signatures had to be checked to make sure they were genuine and the signer had to be suitable for the correct papers, in order to manage the valuables. If it was an agent signing, then they would have to be checked whether or not they had the right to do so for the person in question, as well as guaranteeing that the person had the legal ability to do so.


The medallions that are used now appeared from the 1990s, when there were rising cases of fraud and money laundering. With these concerns, there was a collective agreement to try and improve the method of identifying individuals, across the world. Nowadays medallions are stamps with barcodes, which are only given by the guarantor who uses the medallion plan. Once on this programme, they can access the particular tools needed in order to create the stamp. Once the stamp is done it cannot be copied, which means any fraud can be simply detected. Over 7000 guarantors are members of the medallion programmes, with the programmes validated by STAMP or SEMP (Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Programme or Stock Exchanges Medallion Programme). Call today for details on Medallion signature guarantee stamps in the UK.


What Are the Advantages Of Bonds?

Bonds are owed financial investments that are borrowed by governments and companies, in order to get an increase. If you invest, then through a fixed-rate interest, you are building up money. When your bond has gotten to maturity, the original payment needs to be repaid completely. There are also savings bonds which building societies and banks tend to issue, serving as a loan between the client and themselves.


Bonds can be beneficial due to the broad range of markets that can be invested in, with the choice of how long you have to do it and interest payments done regularly. How safe bonds are, depends on the sort you have. For instance, government bonds are thought to be very safe, but against corporate bonds they have a lower returns potential. Corporate bonds safety depends on the company offering them, as there is the risk of loss if the company was to go under. Having a savings bond is also seen as safe due to being covered by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme), with a maximum of £85,000 or £170,000 for joint accounts. You may need to move to a separate account that is protected, if you have more than this. It is best to do as much research as possible before making an informed decision. Call us for transfer of US stock to the Uk.


What Is A Letter Of Transmittal?

In the business world, there are often times when you need documentation that is important. These documents could have sensitive data, details and reports that need something to explain what they are. A transmittal letter is needed to ensure the one who receives these documents knows how important they are and how to respond properly. Usually, these letters are used for technical, scientific and financial reports. They can also be used for proposals for project work or details of a specific nature as well as confidential data.


A letter of transmittal is sent along with these documents as a type of cover letter, which explains their purpose. They stop confusion when receiving these documents, by giving the context, therefore whoever gets them will know why and what they are for and if there are any instructions. They can also be used when documents need approving and if something has been changed from the initial plan. These letters will be sent if there are project delays, or any unplanned results. As long as the right information is confirmed, then the relevant work can carry on smoothly, call us today if you require a Signature Guarantee stamp.


What You Should Know About International Wire Transfers

If you need money to be transferred from one place to another, then you may find yourself interested in using a wire transfer.


Wire transfer services are used internationally, meaning you can send money anywhere. You can even do it online, therefore you don’t need to even leave the house. It is also fast, due to being sent in real time. It is generally safe to use wire transfers, due to the safety regulations that everyone has to follow. There aren’t many issues, but there are a couple of things to watch out for. For instance, you may find if you’re receiving money then you may be charged a small fee, compared to if it was a local transfer. Also once a transfer is done, it can’t be reversed if you change your mind. So this is particularly risky if you’re not sure who the person is.


Unfortunately wire transfer can be something scammers find interesting. Scammers still get away with old tricks, such as the email about needing funds to send over money so they can get a percentage themselves. This old scam still tricks people even now. So you have to be very careful about who you are sending money too. If in doubt, only use wire transfer for people you know and ignore any risky emails. You need to keep your finances safe and only deal with those who you know for sure are trustworthy.


Overall wire transfers are a handy and convenient part of technology, which if you follow all the precautions, you will find it convenient and beneficial to your modern day life. Call us today for all Gold medallion signature guarantee advice and transfers.


Medallion Signature Guarantee: What To Do After Loss?

If someone who has ownership of stock passes away, they may have made provisions beforehand. If their spouse has joint stocks, then the spouse will generally become the complete owner. However if they had individual stocks in their own name, then the process changes. If the deceased has stocks but doesn’t have a will with a beneficiary, then there will be probate processing, which will address their estate. The court will choose who receives the shares and then ask the executor to pass over the ownership. They will organise the correct documents, so that they can be given to the transfer agent, who deals with the issuer of the finances and securities. Documents needed are a testamentary letter, or a trust instrument, a verified death certificate copy, a copy of the executor’s driving licence and a copy of the transfer instruction documents. The transfer agent will correlate and finish the passing over of ownership. A medallion signature guarantee will be needed to confirm the signature of the executor. Call us or email for all US stock transfers.


Medallion Guarantee: Name Changing On Deed Poll

A Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp was created to stop fraud over the border when selling or transferring North American securities. For this to be achieved, your identity would first have to be confirmed. However, what happens if you have changed your name by Deed Poll?


A Deed Poll shows both your old and new name, so you would assume this would count as a proper form of ID. Unfortunately a Deed Poll only shows that your name has changed, but does not prove what your name was originally, as it does not have your date of birth included. This means your passport, birth certificate or driving licence are valid IDs, but not the actual Deed Poll.


If you want to apply for a Medallion Guarantee, you need to prove who you are. If you’ve changed your name then you should provide a copy of the Deed Poll itself, a copy of the birth certificate, and photo ID such as your passport with the name change, or your driving licence. For any questions about Deed poll name changing or UK Stock transfers, call Fraser and Fraser today.


Medallion Signature Guarantee Surety Limit

A Medallion Signature Guarantee, has what it known as a Surety Limit. This is the maximum amount of money that can be used. How much the stock is worth must be calculated, before the stamp provider can secure the Medallion Signature. It must be able to cover all of the transferable security.


A Medallion Stamp will have a code specifically for the monetary value. The prefixes are A,B,C,D,E,F,X,Y and Z, stretching from 100 thousand to 10 million dollars depending on the company.


A transfer document has the Medallion Stamp secured to it, but the stock value can not go above the limit of the medallion. It can be risky for the Signature Guarantee, particularly if there is a chance of the stock rising. Whoever has the stamp affixed, could be responsible for any potential losses, if there are any faults with the Medallion.


Although it may feel like an inconvenience to have to get a Medallion Signature, it is a safe way to allow genuine bonds and securities to be transferred or sold, so it is definitely worth it.


The Differences Between Medallion Signature Guarantees and Notary Public Stamps

Both of these are for confirming identification. Single documentation, for example, would need to be protected from any fraudulence.
Notary public stamps confirm someone signing, by looking at their identification and then stamping the document to make it final. Medallion
signature guarantee has similar attributes to a stamp, but they both have their own motives.
The most recognisable variation between the two is the sort of documentation they use. A medallion guarantee is meant particularly for transferring money
and bank security, as well as finance. Whereas a notary stamp confirms identity on a number of legalised documentation, such as wills, and contracts.
Originally notary stamps had a seal that was embossed. Nowadays they are done with black ink. These are more dependable and less expensive.
A medallion signature uses a green stamp that is difficult to fake or recreate, as a name is then signed on it. Medallion signatures use a barcode for an extra
security measure. Call today for all US Stock transfers.


Medallion Signature Guarantee, not to be confused with notarization

A medallion signature guarantee should not be confused with notarization as it has a different purpose and cannot be carried out by a notary unless he or she is certified in a financial institution’s Medallion Signature Guarantee Program.


A medallion signature guarantee is, in short, the certification from the issuing financial institution’s certification that a signature related to the transfer or sale of securities is authentic. Only banks or other financial institutions that have been certified to issue medallion signature guarantees can provide this service.


If you need help with a Medallion Signature in the UK and would like to talk to an expert in this field, call Fraser and Fraser on 020 7832 1400


Prevent the unauthorised transfer of securities

The Medallion Signature Guarantee Program makes it harder for people to steal your securities. Medallion signature guarantees are insisted on by transfer agents as they limit their losses and liability if a signature turns out to be forged.


Medallion signature guarantees will not be able to be provided by a financial institution unless they are a member of a recognised Medallion Signature guarantee Programme. Call Fraser and Fraser for all your US stock transfers.


How can I obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee if I am in the UK?

Fraser and Fraser offer the Medallion Signature Guarantee service to all UK investors residing in the UK. There are very few firms in the UK that have a Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp, but this is one of our specialist services.


How much is a Medallion Signature Guarantee in the UK?

A Medallion Signature Guarantee can be used to verify the identity of parties involved in transfers and people agreeing to the documents in question. Any organisation that issues a Medallion Signature Guarantee will be liable if your signature is forged.


Each application we receive is assessed on an individual basis, bust prices are as little as £195 per line of stock. We will need to verify all identities prior to the issue of a medallion signature stamp, so we will require all parties to provide passport ID and proof of current address.