Medallion Signature Guarantee, not to be confused with notarization

A medallion signature guarantee should not be confused with notarization as it has a different purpose and cannot be carried out by a notary unless he or she is certified in a financial institution’s Medallion Signature Guarantee Program.


A medallion signature guarantee is, in short, the certification from the issuing financial institution’s certification that a signature related to the transfer or sale of securities is authentic. Only banks or other financial institutions that have been certified to issue medallion signature guarantees can provide this service.


If you need help with a Medallion Signature in the UK and would like to talk to an expert in this field, call Fraser and Fraser on 020 7832 1400


Prevent the unauthorised transfer of securities

The Medallion Signature Guarantee Program makes it harder for people to steal your securities. Medallion signature guarantees are insisted on by transfer agents as they limit their losses and liability if a signature turns out to be forged.


Medallion signature guarantees will not be able to be provided by a financial institution unless they are a member of a recognised Medallion Signature guarantee Programme. Call Fraser and Fraser for all your US stock transfers.


How can I obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee if I am in the UK?

Fraser and Fraser offer the Medallion Signature Guarantee service to all UK investors residing in the UK. There are very few firms in the UK that have a Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp, but this is one of our specialist services.


How much is a Medallion Signature Guarantee in the UK?

A Medallion Signature Guarantee can be used to verify the identity of parties involved in transfers and people agreeing to the documents in question. Any organisation that issues a Medallion Signature Guarantee will be liable if your signature is forged.


Each application we receive is assessed on an individual basis, bust prices are as little as £195 per line of stock. We will need to verify all identities prior to the issue of a medallion signature stamp, so we will require all parties to provide passport ID and proof of current address.